August 1st, 2010

I just love to travel.  I often tell people that I was born with a suitcase in my hand….poor mother.  When we were in Door County, Wisconsin, we met the loveliest people.  We stayed at a B&B in Ellison Bay, Gills Rock to be exact, and breakfast was served in a huge room called the Great Room.  We all sat around a large table as strangers and came to know one another over over a cup of so-so coffee and instant oatmeal.

The family who roomed above us were a hoot.  Mom, dad, a developmentally, but not severely, challenged daughter-a gift from God they told me-and mom’s sister.  I so enjoyed their company and was sad to see them leave a couple of days before we did.  They were funny, kind and well, funny.

Another couple that we only had the one day to talk to, were funny too.  He’s a retired teacher and she’s an office administrator.  He reminded Dave and me so much of our friend Patrick it was scary.  The only difference, really, was the height.  This guy was tall, really tall.

We met a lovely couple traveling through town in Sister Bay; went to our favorite burger joint, (shout out to our friend Kay as it is her brother Ray who owns and runs this place and hand-makes the fantastic root-beer every day) Wilson’s in Ephraim; and in Fish Creek, two women helped me deiced on a beautiful skirt with a lot of laughs and heart.

So, from Newport Beach/Costa Mesa to San Diego to home for a week, to Door County, I feel as if it’s been something of a whirlwind…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  🙂

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