January 4th, 2011

I’ve been listening to a song by One Eskimo called Kandi, really though it’s an homage to the original Kandi who performed this back in the late ’60s early ’70s. You hear her plaintiff voice in the background of the song and it’s lovely.  There is one verse of the One Eskimo version that always moves me: “…..why did you need him where was I?”

Those words move me inexplicably, but then, not. Many can say that about so many things like why do I need another family, or another man or sister? Why do I need another mother?

I remember growing up how I would try so hard to incorporate my friend’s mothers especially to be a mother to me too. I never really at the time knew why I was doing this, I just did it as a matter of routine. I needed a mom, something I blissfully have in my dad’s wonderful wife.

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