Letting Go

February 10th, 2010

I’ve been thinking about the process of letting go for sometime now as I make decisions about the things I want in my life.  It’s hard.  Letting go means allowing something new to come in, and while we try to, or want to let something new in, it’s the making space for it that can be so difficult.  Even when I make decisions to get rid of old clothes, or just old things in general, is tough.  Add to it the energy that speaks to us about an article of clothing like, “my mother wore that/bought me that and I just love it…..”  It’s like letting go of an old friend.

Then there’s the type of letting go as it pertains to our feelings about something like a relationship or family.  In marriage, there’s the fine art of letting go of how you talk to your spouse, or treat your children, keep house….or not.  In my case, it was how I let go of outcome.  Just the burden of that is freeing once I decided not to invest in outcome.  Some relationships are anchored in outcome.  I say relax, let go of outcome and see where that takes you.  You might be surprised, I sure was.

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