Angels Among Us

January 1st, 2016

I met an incredible woman at lunch today….but before I write about our encounter, backstory.

I went to Southern California for the holidays. Not having my dad around made this time poignant. This was our first Christmas without him. Being with my family helped, we laugh allot, but mostly, it was the quiet times where I could reflect on Dad and the things I miss. Not being able to talk to him on Christmas day was a big one.

Anyway, I went to Neiman Marcus for lunch as I had a gift card to use. The view outside was beautiful; a cold, yet sunny day. And yes, I was dabbling in a little pity party, I admit.

But then this striking woman was walking by my table and I stopped her to say that I thought her outfit was stunning. We started to chat and she told me that she loved how I had accessorized. She thought I was incredible. Me, so caught up in my own stuff and this angel, complete stranger, tells me that I’m incredible. Her name was Jodi and she really lifted my spirits.

I tell you this story because you just never know how a compliment from you might help brighten a person’s day. Wherever she is, I hope she knows how great her comments were for me.

This happened on December 31, 2015. Happy 2016 to all.

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